ParentTeam is a support network OF parents FOR parents who have a child suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, no matter their age.

Our goal is to help every parent dealing with the crisis of substance abuse to survive the overwhelming shame, fear, and desperation they feel and to empower them to proactively get the help their child needs.

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Team Manager

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Treatment Coordinator

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Treatment Coordinator

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What We Do

ParentTeam is a confidential and free resource for parents who seek help for their teen or adult child's drug or alcohol use. Parents will get the help their child needs with urgency, compassion and complete privacy.

ParentTeam has spent 12 years building relationships with trusted resources in our network. We have facilities and specialists located through the country. Our qualified treatment experts are able to refer you to a professional facility that is specifically suited to your loved one's needs.

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  • "ParentTeam does it all - love, support, taking phone calls in the middle of the night, helping me through tears and fears, and gently getting me into treatment. I am sober because of you!"
    Linda A.
  • "ParentTeam gave us the courage and support to get our son help for his drug problem. We are very grateful for their assistance as we did not know where to go."
    Debbie & Paul C.
  • "My daughter, Emily, is still in treatment and she sounds so happy. We appreciate all the materials you have sent to us. Thank you ParentTeam!"
    Angela A.

A Message from Our Founder

In the summer of 2007, ParentTeam began in Tustin, CA. Helpless about how to help my son who was using drugs and alcohol,
I decided to fight back those who were providing dangerous drugs to my son, age 15.

Hundreds of other parents joined ParentTeam. We worked with law enforcement and met regularly. We were successful at reporting drug dealers,
but when my son and I received serious death threats, I was forced to shut down ParentTeam.

Still I didn't give up. There were many parents out there like me desperate for a place to turn to help them deal with their child's substance abuse
and its effect on themselves and other family members.

Today, ParentTeam is a network that provides information, resources, and support to parents dealing with the crisis of drugs and alcohol.
Our goal is to empower parents to deal with their family member's substance abuse, heal the effects on their families, and take back their own lives.

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