Meet ParentTeam

Lynn Knee


(714) 388-2971

Lynn Knee is Founder of ParentTeam and a parent of a child who has struggled with addiction. She started ParentTeam to help other families navigate though the heartbreak of dealing with this disease when they do not know where to turn. Lynn’s background includes nonprofit work with orphanages in Indonesia, youth groups for disadvantaged teens in several states. She has traveled throughout the US and other countries speaking and sharing empowerment to parents who struggle with children who have substance issues. Lynn is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, entrepreneur and a friend.. and blessed to live all of these roles in her life.

Glinda Erbacher

Treatment Coordinator

(858) 740-7011

Glinda is an experienced and loving gift to ParentTeam and the families we serve. She has a wealth of life experience, having worked at inpatient and outpatient treatment centers since the early 1990’s. Certified CAADAC and Recovery Coach, she brings hope to those in despair. Glinda’s warm caring style puts our clients in crisis at ease, helping them find the strength to do the things needed for positive change.

Jimmy Recourt

Treatment Coordinator

(310) 913-0170

Jimmy Recourt, a proud member of ParentTeam, and an active member of the 12 step fellowship, began his journey of recovery at the age of 19, when he was afforded another chance at sobriety. Prior to that he was a student athlete who became addicted to an drugs and found himself in and out of numerous treatment facilities, after putting his loved ones and himself through a lot of pain and suffering, Jimmy was finally given the gift of desperation and got clean and sober. He has been sober for over 10 years now and is very grateful for the opportunity to give back to the still suffering addict and their families by sharing his experience, strength and hope with them. When he is not working with ParentTeam he enjoys a very healthy and active lifestyle including rock climbing, spear fishing, and the outdoors. Jimmy accredits everything that is good in his life today because of the 12 steps and the gift of recovery.

Allie Sandager

Team Manager

(405) 421-2800

Allie Sandager is at the pulse of ParentTeam doing Community Outreach for the many organizations we serve. She also supports all of the team with proficiency and a positive spirit. Allie has been through the despair of living through her addiction, but has conquered this disease – one day at a time. She shares this experience and hope with many others who suffer and lifts them to succeed. Allie’s background is in executive administration and also worked as a business manager for many high end cosmetic companies. She is a doting mother to her two children.

Matthew Sockolov

Treatment Coordinator

(310) 922-4649

Matthew Sockolov has worked with recovering addicts for the past 5 years in both residential and outpatient settings. Matthew got sober when he was 19, and works closely with adolescents and young adults struggling with addiction. In addition, he teaches meditation at various treatment centers and is currently in a 3 year meditation teacher training program. As a young man who has struggled with addiction himself and witnessed it in his own family, Matthew offers a compassionate ear to our wonderful families at ParentTeam. Matthew will be moving to the Bay Area in the summer with his fiancé and will expand the reach and resources which are offered by ParentTeam.

Lee Newman

Treatment Coordinator

(910) 471-5978

Lee Newman has worked in the Health & Wellness field for over ten years, helping people find alternative methods to living a better, healthier lifestyle. As someone who has personally dealt with addiction in the past, as well as family members and close friends who have struggled, Lee is passionate about helping those suffering from addictions find their personal path to recovery. Utilizing his background in Alternative Health as well as personal meditation practices, he has dedicated his time to working one on one with individuals and facilitating recovery group meetings such as Refuge Recovery, an alternative approach to step programs. Lee is on the front lines at ParentTeam and spends hours helping those in need. He lives in North Carolina and is a father and husband and loved by many.

Kacey Elam

Community Outreach

(602) 918-5070

Kacey Elam is our youngest member of ParentTeam. She began working for us to promote the power of change into her fellow & sister addicts’ lives, and believes in second chances.. that she was so graciously given. She has dealt with her addiction her whole life, as well as with family and friends. Kacey started her recovery journey at 18 and has found serenity through meditation, AA, and the love of the people around her. Previously she was studied dance, theater, and film. She aspires to be a voice in self love for adolescents in recovery. Kacey owes everything to her mother and the 12 steps of recovery.