Parent Team for Law Firms

Support Clients as They Prepare to Parent from Two Homes

The Parent Team Membership gives your firm professional resources to improve client outcomes when couples are going through a divorce.

Coparenting Online Course

Divorce doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

As a family law attorney or firm, you’ve seen it all. The yelling matches, the accusations, the flood of emails about extracurriculars and kids’ schedules, the nasty custody battles in court, and everything in between.

There’s a better way to serve your clients… a way that will help your clients navigate divorce, without putting their kids in the middle.

A way you can improve outcomes for your clients and become the premiere family law attorney or firm in town.

The Parent Team Membership will equip you to do just that.


Be able to take on more cases because you are able to focus more on the work you love and less on helping clients process their feelings.


Feel good about the work you’re doing–not only because you helped your client but also because you positively impacted the entire family unit.


Know you did your best to reduce the negative impact of divorce on kids and the possible trauma ongoing conflict can cause.

 With more than 30 years of combined experience in counseling, financial planning, and mediation, we’ve seen how divorce can take its toll on families.

We created Parent Team because we’re convinced it doesn’t have to be that way.

Brandyn Roark Caires (left), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Jen Schimbeno (right), Financial Advisor

Hey, there

We’re Brandyn and Jen.

We met through our work as “neutrals” in Montana’s Collaborative Divorce Process—Attorneys and law firms all across Montana bring us in to help parents navigate parenting plans and financial matters.

Often, we’ve come away from those conversations feeling the weight of parental conflict. But we’ve also felt hope. The overwhelming majority of parents want to protect their kids from the negative effects of restructuring and divorce. They just need someone to show them how.

Our deepest desire is for parents to find their “how”—the support, tools, and resources they need—through Parent Team.

Brandyn Roark Caires, M.S.

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • Trained Mediator
  • Accredited Practitioner in Collaborative Processes (Mental Health Neutral)

Jen Schimbeno

  • Financial Planner (Series 65)
  • Trained Mediator
  • Accredited Practitioner in Collaborative Processes (Financial Neutral)

[The information] is presented in a calm, professional, non-judgmental way. If I could, I would require all divorcing parents to complete this course.

– Sam Timbrook; Mediator, Columbia, MO

Your clients need your help.

Here’s how the Parent Team Membership works.

Choose a membership tier.

Read through the benefits and choose a tier that’s best for your firm. Once you choose, our team will complete setup for you in 5-7 business days.

Add your clients.

Jumpstart your client’s success with practical courses, tools, worksheets, and scripts. Your clients can take the course at their own pace from the comfort of their own home.

Know their family will be OK.

When their parent-to-parent relationship is free of chronic conflict, their kids will thrive. Not only that, you’ll improve outcomes in each and every case.

Parent Team Membership Tiers

No strings attached and easy to start.

Not sure which tier is best for you? Click here to schedule a free consult with our team.

Get support beyond the course.

The Parent Team Circle for Professionals

Exclusively available to law firms, mediators, and mental health professionals, the Parent Team Circle gives you direct access to our team and additional support and resources.


Connect with our team and other family law professionals.


Get access to downloadables and additional support.


Learn tips and tricks from some of the best professionals in family law, divorce, mental health, financial advising, and more. 

Parenting From Two Homes Course Highlights

Your clients will get gentle guidance from compassionate experts.

Module 1: Preparation

Prepare yourself and your children for the challenges that come with restructuring and parenting from two homes.


Learn tools to navigate your big emotions so you can help your kids manage theirs.


Find out how to insulate your children from the #1 mistake parents make when they restructure.


Take the first step to creating the financial future you deserve—for you and your children.

Module 2: Telling Your Kids

Talk with your children about your new family structure in helpful ways that allow them to thrive.


Understand how to protect your children from as much pain as possible.


Know exactly how to respond to your kids’ toughest questions.


Discover a concrete way to reassure your kids they’ll have their needs and wants met, no matter what.

Module 3: Creating Two Homes

Redefine your parenting roles, decrease parental conflict, and develop mutual respect as co-parents.


Learn how to protect your children from feelings of insecurity when transitioning between homes.


Understand how to successfully alternate between on-parent and support-parent.


Make the adjustment from one home to two in the most cost-effective, proactive way possible.

Module 4: The New Normal

Communicate effectively with your co-parent and develop a structured plan for navigating parenting topics together.


Discover how to approach co-parenting as a team sport, not a competitive one.


Get a practical roadmap to communicating with your children’s other parent with respect and clarity.


Create a simple financial plan to fill the gap between where you are now and where you’d rather be.

Module 5: Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries with your children and their other parent.


Learn about under- and over-parenting and discover how to strike a more helpful balance.


Establish clear, consistent expectations and boundaries with your co-parent.


Avoid common financial pitfalls, including competing with the other parent via stuff.

Module 6: When You Disagree

Use evidence-based strategies for managing conflict when you don’t agree about parenting decisions.


Grow in self-awareness by taking a quiz to identify your conflict style.


Access five practical tools to help you resolve clashes in thoughtful, respectful ways.


Learn how shame compounds conflict—and how self-compassion neutralizes it.

Common Questions

How many clients can we add? Is it seriously unlimited? What's the catch?

Yes. It’s seriously unlimited.

Rather than messing with a number of “seats” or trying to deal with licensing our course, we decided it’s best to keep it easy.

You can add as many clients as you have in your firm.

If you have 1,000 clients, you can add 1,000 clients. If you have 50 clients, you can add 50 clients. All for the same monthly investment.  

How long do we get access?

You’ll get access for as long as your membership is active. And this goes for the Parent Team Circle for Professionals, too. If your membership is active, you’ll retain access.

What does it mean to resell seats?

If you’d like charge your clients for access to the course (only available on tier 3), you can do that. You’ll get a custom checkout page with a set price (up to $99).

Parent Team will handle the collection of payment from your students and will pay you monthly (less refunds and credit card processing fees).

Can we download the videos?

No. All content is owned and managed by Parent Team, so you’ll be unable to download the content.

What happens if we cancel our membership?

If you decide to cancel your account, we’ll provide you with a templated email you can send to the clients enrolled in the platform allowing them to purchase access on their own at a discounted rate. After 45 days, all students associated with your account will be set to inactive and your account will be deleted.

We will never email your clients on your behalf. 

How does the setup process work?

It’s super easy for you. Once you pay the setup fee and send over a few things, we’ll get started.

Tier 1 set up: We’ll create a custom sign up link and provide it to you. 

Tier 2 & 3 set up: We’ll create a custom branded platform with your logo, branding, and supplementary materials. It will look like it’s from your firm.

It will take 1-2 days of setup for tier 1 and 5-7 days of setup for tiers 2 & 3. 

What is exclusive access?

This is a competitive edge for your business. As such, we want access to the Parent Team Membership to be an exclusive benefit for you. 

If you’re an active member, we won’t allow law firms within that specific area to become a member as well.

How many team members can we add to the Parent Team Circle for Professionals?

Add as many people as you’d like! Your entire firm can join the Parent Team Circle for Professionals, including: attorneys, paralegals, and admin staff. 

You want better outcomes for your clients.

When you help them get on the same team, they’ll get it.

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