Co Parenting from Two Homes

an online course for parents who want to focus on their kids without putting them in the middle

Coparenting Online Course

Your kids need you. Both of you.

When parents divorce or restructure, they worry about their kids becoming collateral damage. They don’t have to.

The truth is, it’s not divorce itself that’s so tough on children. It’s their parents’ ongoing conflict. That means when kids are insulated from their parents’ battles, they thrive.

Of course, it’s not easy to parent alongside someone you don’t get along with.

Parenting from Two Homes will show you how.

Parenting From Two Homes Course Highlights

Get gentle guidance from compassionate experts.

Module 1: Preparation

Prepare yourself and your children for the challenges that come with restructuring and parenting from two homes.


Learn tools to navigate your big emotions so you can help your kids manage theirs.


Find out how to insulate your children from the #1 mistake parents make when they restructure.


Take the first step to creating the financial future you deserve—for you and your children.

Module 2: Telling Your Kids

Talk with your children about your new family structure in helpful ways that allow them to thrive.


Understand how to protect your children from as much pain as possible.


Know exactly how to respond to your kids’ toughest questions.


Discover a concrete way to reassure your kids they’ll have their needs and wants met, no matter what.

Module 3: Creating Two Homes

Redefine your parenting roles, decrease parental conflict, and develop mutual respect as co-parents.


Learn how to protect your children from feelings of insecurity when transitioning between homes.


Understand how to successfully alternate between on-parent and support-parent.


Make the adjustment from one home to two in the most cost-effective, proactive way possible.

Module 4: The New Normal

Communicate effectively with your co-parent and develop a structured plan for navigating parenting topics together.


Discover how to approach co-parenting as a team sport, not a competitive one.


Get a practical roadmap to communicating with your children’s other parent with respect and clarity.


Create a simple financial plan to fill the gap between where you are now and where you’d rather be.

Module 5: Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries with your children and their other parent.


Learn about under- and over-parenting and discover how to strike a more helpful balance.


Establish clear, consistent expectations and boundaries with your co-parent.


Avoid common financial pitfalls, including competing with the other parent via stuff.

Module 6: When You Disagree

Use evidence-based strategies for managing conflict when you don’t agree about parenting decisions.


Grow in self-awareness by taking a quiz to identify your conflict style.


Access five practical tools to help you resolve clashes in thoughtful, respectful ways.


Learn how shame compounds conflict—and how self-compassion neutralizes it.

Limited-Time Bonus

Parenting Plan Guide

For a limited time, when you purchase Parenting from Two Homes, you receive our comprehensive Parenting Plan Guide, a $349 value, for free.


Get a checklist of what to include in your plan.


Discover a simple framework for collaborative decision-making.


Make intentional decisions in the best interest of your family, rather than allowing the courts to decide for you.

Parenting from Two Homes includes:


30 short lessons taught via on-demand video


step-by-step guidance for the hardest parts of restructuring: kids and finances


comprehensive workbook to help you use what you learn


exclusive access to reduced-cost, one-on-one consultations


BONUS: Comprehensive Parenting Plan Guide ($495 value)


30-day money-back guarantee

No matter what, you’re still a family.

When parents team up for the benefit of their kids, everyone wins.



Feel heard and understood in both homes.


Enjoy positive relationships with both parents.


Experience less anxiety and fewer mood disorders.


Have fewer behavioral challenges and do better in school.


Develop resilience and life-long coping skills.



Avoid constant battles and bickering with their co-parent.


Become more confident in their parenting skills.


Feel less stressed and more centered.


Model healthy habits and patterns for their children.


Save time and money in the legal process.

Restructuring your family isn’t easy.

You’ve got this. We’re here to help.

We’re so honored you’re here. We want you to know we hold space for all families—and all structures of parenting—without blame, shame, or guilt. You are the best parents for your kids, and that’s true whether you’re in one home or two.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in counseling, financial planning, and mediation, we’ve seen how divorce can take its toll on families. We created Parent Team because we’re convinced it doesn’t have to be that way.

Meet Us

Brandyn Roark Caires (left), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Jen Schimbeno (right), Financial Advisor

What you’re going through isn’t easy.

We’re right beside you.

Access the course.

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Use what you learn.

Jumpstart your success with evidence-based tools, worksheets, and scripts.

Know your kids are OK.

With your kids in focus but out of the middle, they will thrive.

Common Questions

Is this course for me?

Parenting from Two Homes is best for parents who are:

1. Committed to working with their child’s other parent and showing up as their best self.

2. Self-aware and dedicated to setting aside their emotions regarding their former partner from their parenting.

3. Willing to create a new relationship with their child’s other parent.

4. Open to learning how to put their kids first through divorce or restructuring and parenting from two homes.

How long do I have access to the course?

Your purchase comes with lifetime access to the videos and downloadable workbook. Watch and rewatch whenever you’d like.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Parenting from Two Homes includes approximately 30 lessons and takes under 3 hours + individual workbook time to complete. The videos are available on-demand, so you can go as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.

We recommend taking your time with the course. Most parents who are restructuring are in a vulnerable space, and some course topics may feel especially tender. Be sure to take good care of yourself, so you can take good care of your kids.

What if the course doesn't help us?

We’re confident it will. But if you work through the material within the first 30 days from purchase and don’t feel more confident about your kids’ wellbeing, simply request a refund.

Does my child's other parent have to do the course for it to be effective?

It’s helpful for both parents to participate, but it’s absolutely not required. You’ll be able to model healthy boundaries and effective communication for your co-parent, and your kids will notice how you navigate a challenging relationship with confidence.

My ex is... well, they're a jerk. Will this work for us?

That’s so hard. And yes. Terrible partners can still make great parents. 

My ex talks trash about me to our kids. What do I do?

Ugh. We’re so sorry that’s happening. Parenting from Two Homes will help you navigate those tough situations without putting your kids in the middle or criticizing their other parent.

What if I need extra help?

Course participants are welcome to schedule one-on-one consultations with either of us for a reduced rate of $175/hour.

You both want your kids to be OK.

When you’re on the same team, they will be.

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